Digital Innovation Networks – DIN Forum 2017 report and presentations published

The Digital Innovation Networks Forum 2017 (DIN Forum) was organised by the FIRE STUDY and the HUB4NGI projects as a pre-event of the Net Futures 2017 in Brussels on June 27th afternoon. The DIN Forum was intended for all types of stakeholders: Internet Researchers and Innovators, SMEs, Start-ups, Internet technology providers, Policy Makers and Investors.

The agenda of the DIN Forum was designed to reflect the outcomes of FIRE Study findings over the past 17 months, share them with the audience, and open the discussion around the major topics. After a brief introduction of the DIN Forum, and a presentation of the NGI initiative by the EC representative, the workshop was mainly built around 3 major sessions covering all aspects of future Digital Innovation Networks:

  1. Technical challenges;
  2. Socio-economic impact; and
  3. Innovation process.

Each session gathered three to four experts presenting their views on particular topics, followed by a debate with the audience.

Find the DIN Forum 2017 report, presentations, webinar video and photos online at the DIN Forum 2017 web-page.


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