Digital Innovation Networks White Paper published

Exploring how digitisation and Internet connectivity influence networks of innovation for the Next Generation Internet

The progressive digitisation and Internet connectivity of people, products and processes is a transformational and powerful trend in societal and industrial systems. But:

  • How does digitisation and connectivity influence networks of innovation?
  • How do such networks shape the way knowledge is created, who creates it and where as well as how it is shared?
  • How will new products and services emerge as a consequence?

This report addresses these questions through the concept of Digital Innovation Networks, defined as multi-disciplinary and multi-sector networks of people, technologies and organisations aiming to advance Internet technology and innovation processes to address key socio-economic challenges and opportunities. The goal is to understand factors necessary to establish Digital Innovation Networks as foundational structures delivering advanced technologies and social and economic solutions within the Next Generation Internet.

Download the Digital Innovation Networks white paper.

The topics of the white paper will be discussed in the Digital Innovation Networks Forum on 27.6.2017 in Brussels.

Registration is free, but places are limited so don’t forget to book your spot!

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