Create your Experiments through the FESTIVAL Portal!

FESTIVAL (FEderated interoperable SmarT ICT services deVelopment And testing pLatforms) project provides an homogeneous access to a federated testbed platform between Europe and Japan.

FESTIVAL partners developed an “Experimentation as a Service” model for testing added value services in different domains (city, building, health, public services, art/culture, etc.) with real-life physical testbed environments involving real end-users.

FESTIVAL Portal brings together these European and Japanese testbeds that allow access to various resources such as open data, Internet of Things (IoT), Infrastructure testbeds (IT) and living lab resources.

If you are a scientist willing to test your algorithm on “real” resources? Or
A technical expert wanting to get a proof of concept of your product? Or
A student curious to put your IoT lessons into practice? Or
An ingenious developer ready to try your latest work?

Get involved in FESTIVAL’s Open Call, become one Experimenter and access FESTIVAL Portal with easy-to-use APIs, and:

  • Access to a large set of testing facilities all in one place;
  • Gain time and money in preparing own testing environment;
  • Test and demonstrate smart solutions in real world;
  • Be part of a large and active community of experimenters and experts.

Click here and find out more about FESTIVAL Call for Experimenters!

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