September 27, 2016 @ 13:30 – 17:30
Bratislava, Slovakia

FIRE_Forum2016Promoting Experimentation for the Next Generation Internet – NGI

DATE/TIME: Tuesday 27th September 2016, 13h30-17h00.

VENUE: Radisson BLU Carlton Hotel, Hviezdoslavovo námestie 185/3, Bratislava, Slovakia.fire_forum2016-03

The FIRE STUDY organised the FIRE Forum 2016 on 27th September 2016 afternoon, collocated with the ICT Proposers Day in Bratislava. It gathered 50 representatives from 42 different projects or organisations, including the EC.

The FIRE Forum 2016 was again a top event of the year to collect all innovative Future Internet players together to present their work and discuss R&I priorities to shape the Next Generation Internet Experimentation landscape. Top-notch experts and representatives coming from several domains, including the IoT/AIOTI, the 5G PPP, the Creative Industry and the CAPSSI communities, were gathered together to have an interactive discussion with the FIRE and the EC representatives.

The objectives of the FIRE Forum 2016 were to:

  • Inform the whole community about recent changes within the DG Connect in the NGI context and implications on the FIRE initiative, including interactive lively discussion;
  • Learn about large-scale experimentation efforts with specific focus on IoT and 5G;
  • Promote ongoing and upcoming Open Calls;
  • Identify and discuss potential synergies across different Units (E1, E3, E4); and
  • Present the updated version of the XiPi+ platform to disseminate latest information about testbeds related to the “FIRE community”.

All presentations are available online within the agenda below – indicated Presentation“.
The FIRE Forum 2016 minutes can be downloaded here.
Event photos are available in the FIRE Forum 2016 album at Flickr.


13.30-13.45 Welcome coffee
13.45-14.15 FIRE Forum introduction
Welcome, Agenda & the online dialogue tool, by Géraldine Quetin (FIRE Study) Presentation
The Next Generation Internet – NGI, by Peter Fatelnig (European Commission) Presentation
The FIRE evolution towards NGI, by Monique Calisti (FIRE Study)
14.15-14.30 XiPi+ update, list of FIRE related testbeds, by Silvio Cretti, (FIRE Study)
14.30-15.30 Large-scale experimentation and 5G PPP
Panel discussion, moderated by Caroline Bedran (FIRE Study) Presentation
– FIRE and 5G: introduction to the panel discussion, example of the 5Tonic open 5G networks R&I Laboratory by Caroline Bedran (FIRE Study) Presentation  
– The 5G Infrastructure Association working paper on test beds, by Didier Bourse (Nokia) Presentation
– 5GinFIRE overview, by Spyros Denazis (Uni. Patras) Presentation
– FIRE testbeds enabling 5G experimentation, by Ingrid Moerman (iMinds) Presentation
– The TRIANGLE testbed: how it is used in 5G (and 5G PPP), by Michael Dieudonne (Keysight) Presentation
15.30-15.45 Coffee break
15.45-16.45 Large-scale experimentation and IoT
Presentations and Q&A, moderated by Sebastien Ziegler (F-Interop) Presentation
– IoT’s offer and needs and F-Interop for online certification, by Sebastien Ziegler (F-Interop) Presentation
– Building Trust in IoT, by Nikolaos Isaris (EC – IoT Unit) Presentation
– IoT-driven innovation activities for SMEs/Startups, by Raph Crouan (Startupbootcamp) Presentation
16.45-17.15 Open calls in 5G and IoT fields, moderated by Timo Lahnalampi (FIRE Study) All slides in one presentation
Below direct links to the Open Call web pages of the projects:
– FESTIVAL, by Levent Gurgen
– FIESTA-IoT, by Martin Serrano
– F-Interop, by Sebastien Ziegler
– MONROE, by Özgü Alay
– OrganiCity, by Martin Brynskov
– Select4Cities, by Hugo Tamagnini Gonçalves
– SoftFIRE, by Susanne Kuehrer
– Triangle, by Michael Dieudonne
– WiSHFUL, by Ingrid Moerman
17.15-17.30 Next events, Wrap up and conclusions, by Monique Calisti (FIRE Study) Presentation

Related event: FIRE Board 09/2016.

The FIRE Forum 2015 report and presentations are available here and the event photos at Flickr.

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