Find the most appropriate TESTBED for your EXPERIMENTATION – EaaS!

In the context of the Next Generation Internet initiative (NGI), the XiPi+ testbed repository enables Experimentation-as-a-Service (EaaS) functionality. With that, XiPi+ provides a communication bridge between experimenters and infrastructure owners in order to create an interaction workflow between the two stakeholders to cover:

  • Searching an infrastructure, and
  • Setting up an experiment.

Experimenters can search for relevant infrastructures for their experiment by expressing requirements: they can define the services they need with the help of an interactive form.

XiPi+ features

  • Matchmaking between infrastructure owners and experimenters.
  • Offering a repository of ICT infrastructures.
  • Adding (updating) and describing new ICT infrastructure(s).
  • User friendly tool – finding & recommending a testbed for your experimentation:
    1. Express requirements for services needed for your experiment.
    2. Get a list of recommended infrastructures fitting to your needs.
    3. Select one/more infrastructures and save your preferences/requirements.
    4. Request a time-slot / Contact the infrastructure owner.

XiPi+ stakeholder benefits

For infrastructure owners:

  • Describe in a uniform way infrastructure(s) (based on a Common Description Framework).
  • Advertise infrastructure among experimenters / developers that would like to use it.

For experimenters:

  • Search through the infrastructures registered in the repository (currently >200).
  • Find the right infrastructure for experiments and contact the infrastructure owners for arranging the experimental activities – enabling Experimentation-as-a-Service (EaaS).

Start your NGI experimentation with a right type of testbed TODAY: click the picture below!


The source of the data about these FIRE testbeds/projects is the XiPi Repository from the FI-PPP project INFINITY.

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