FIRE activities at the IoT Week 2016

logo IoT belgrade 2016-01IoT Forum, together with DunavNET as local hosts of the IoT Week 2016 as well as IoT and makers’ communities are shaping up an exciting event. Innovation, research, business, social, education – tutorials, presentations, demos, exhibition, hackaton,…be prepared.


FIRE projects will be well represented and very busy during the IoT Week 2016 in Belgrade. You can find FIRE project representatives in following conference sessions:

Innovation day 31.05. – Afternoon 15:45 – 17:15

Community Building in H2020: A different approach for building an ecosystem – Room A2

  • Chair: Charalampos Doukas, Create-net (H2020 Agile) and Kathleen Olstedt,  European Innovation hub
  • Speakers:
    • C. Doukas, CREATE-NET: Developer’s engagement in H2020 projects: Start early, start fast
    • Philippe Krief , Eclipse: The Eclipse Foundation – Curation of IoT Projects and beyond
    • Kathleen Olstedt, IoT-EPI: Community Management in ICT30 Projects – Support from IoT European Platforms Initiative
    • Abdur Rahim, CREATE-NET – WAZIUP- Building IoT and Big data communities across Africa

Industry day 01.06. – Afternoon 14:30 – 16:00

Smart city services: smart vs. legacy – co-habitation, integration or…? – Room A1

  • Chair: Martin Brynskov, OASC
  • Speakers:
    • Martin Brynskov, OASC: Open & Agile Smart Cities — Creating a market for IoT-enabled urban services
    • Martin Serrano, Insight centre: VITAL-OS Smart City Pilots Deployment and Industry-lead Solutions
    • Boris Pokric, DunavNET : Novi Sad smart city – What has been done and plans
    • Alexander Gluhak, Digital Catapult
    • Hugo Goncalves, Helsinki
    • Mirko Ross, Digital Worx: Welcome to Pleasantville. A world designed for your good.

Research day 2.6. 2016 – Morning

From FP7 to H2020: Security, Trust and Governance

  • Chair: Antonio Skarmeta, UMU/OdinS Spain (ARMOUR -project) and Adam Kapovits, ICT-RERUM project coordinator

Research day 2.6. 2016 – Afternoon 15:45 – 17:45

International collaboration (EU, Brasil, Japan, S. Korea, Australia) – Room A2

  • Chair: Levent Gurgen CEA & Arkady Zaslavsky, CSIRO
  • Panelist:
    • Daeyoung Kim, KAIST, S. Korea
    • Marimuthu Palaniswami, University of Melbourne, Australia
    • Arkady Zaslavsky, CSIRO, Australia
    • Gabriel Marao, IoT Forum Brasil
    • Philippe Cousin: IoT and Big data for Africa: the Waziup project, Japan
    • Sudha Jamhte (USA): Building Local Economies with IoT Using Global Collaborations
    • Takuro Yonezawa, Keio University, Japan

Research day 2.6. 2016 – Afternoon 15:45 – 17:45

IoT Research infrastructure and Testbed as a Service – Room A3

  • Chair: Sebastien Ziegler, Mandat International
  • Speakers:
    • Sotiris Nikoletseas (CTI): IoT Lab
    • Ingrid Moerman (iMinds): Fed4FIRE
    • Sebastien Ziegler (MI) : F-Interop
    • Flavio Cirillo (NEC) FIESTA: Smart City Performance Modelling for Public Safety
    • Milos Davidovic (Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences): CITI-SENSE Citizens’ Observatory as Research Infrastructure

Overview and more information of the IoT Week 2016 on the FIRE event web-page.

The IoT Week hackathon.


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