FIRE Newsletter Nr. 33: Digital Innovation Networks White Paper and the Forum 2017

FIRE Newsletter Nr. 33 is a special edition about the Digital Innovation Networks Forum 2017 and about the just published Digital Innovation Networks White Paper

The Digital Innovation Networks Forum, organized by the FIRE STUDY, aims to create a strongly connected pan-European ecosystem that collectively understands what is needed to build digital innovation networks for the Next Generation Internet (NGI), and how they can operate to address the major challenges for society as a result of progressive digitisation and the evolution of the Internet.

Related to discussion topics, the FIRE STUDY has published the Digital Innovation Networks White Paper. This report addresses questions:

  • How does digitisation and connectivity influence networks of innovation?
  • How do such networks shape the way knowledge is created, who creates it and where as well as how it is shared?
  • How will new products and services emerge as a consequence?

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