Hackathon – IoT Week 2016, 31 May – 2 June, Belgrade

logo IoT belgrade 2016-01The IoT Week is holding a Hackathon co-organized by ICT research projects SocIoTal, RERUM, Almanac, ClouT and Microsoft.

Do you want to make your neighbourhood or your city a better place?
Did you ever face a problem in your community that could be solved using technology?

This is your chance! Develop an application or service or build it using SocIoTal tools technology from various ICT projects and you will be able to won significant prizes! SocIoTal is all about that, bringing power of the IoT to the citizens.

Rules are simple: either you are a developer hacker or an ordinary girl/guy submit your idea and your team before the deadline in one of 3 categories. We will select the best ideas that will be a part of Hackathon event. Apply soon!

For details about the rules and some concrete application examples from SenZations Summer School running on SocIoTal and Azure platform, please, check the IoT Hackathon page.

The IoT Week 2016 on the FIRE events.


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