New RECOMMENDER -feature added to the XiPi+ testbed repository enabling EaaS

In the context of the Next Generation Internet initiative (NGI), the XiPi+ testbed repository offers a new feature called Recommender for enabling Experimentation-as-a-Service (EaaS) functionality. With that, XiPi+ provides a communication bridge between experimenters and infrastructure owners in order to create an interaction workflow between the two stakeholders to cover:

  • Searching an infrastructure, and
  • Setting up an experiment.

Experimenters can search for relevant infrastructures for their experiment by expressing requirements: they can define the services they need with the help of an interactive form.

XiPi+ finds the infrastructures that satisfy those requirements and where to conduct the experiment. The Experimenters can choose the most appropriate ones and can create their Experiment (optionally a specific time-slot can also be set up).

Once the experiment has been created, Experimenters can contact directly the infrastructure owner(s) they selected. A message template is offered to the users in order to help them to request the services they need to conduct their experiment.

Infrastructure owners will receive experimentation requests on their XiPi+ Message Box and will be notified via email. 

General Information

XiPi+ testbed repository works like a marketplace for the Next Generation Internet (NGI) ecosystem bridging the gap between experimenters’ need and experimentation testbeds. It is an inventory of ICT infrastructures that, among its functionalities, offers:

  • Registration of new infrastructures and their description based on a general and extensible data model called Common Description Framework (CDF);
  • Management of owned infrastructures;
  • Search of infrastructures for a given experiment; and
  • Match infrastructures with experiments (recommender).

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