Next Generation Internet Experimentation – NGI-EXP

FIRE – Future Internet Research and Experimentation – has been an important initiative financed by the European Commission to promote and support experimentally-driven research to develop the Internet of the future. The ICT-13-2016 was the last FIRE call and the ICT-13-2016 projects started early 2017. Besides these most recent ones, there are several other FIRE projects from previous ICT Calls that are still on-going thus extending and bringing FIRE concepts, methods and technologies in several related R&D fields such as 5G, IoT, Smart Cities, etc.

Although the FIRE initiative as such has ended (projects still continue, cf. above), experimentation-driven research and innovation continues to play a prominent role to build the Next Generation Internet – NGI. Specifically, to investigate and experimentally validate highly innovative and revolutionary ideas for next generation networking and service paradigms at a lower cost and in a more rapid way is central to the overall ambition of the NGI initiative. In this respect, a number of FIRE efforts and initiative are being pushed forward to continue serving the community of future Internet researchers and innovators all across Europe either via the ongoing Fed4FIRE+ project or via the HUB4NGI coordination and support action.

In this respect, the former FIRE brand has been adapted and aligned with the overall NGI one and has turned into the Next Generation Internet Experimentation (NGI-EXP), which is now reflected via the former ICT-FIRE Twitter channel, now @NGI_EXP, and the FIRE LinkedIn Group, now NGI-EXP.

These updates make it possible:

  • To better promote experimentation-driven efforts within the broader NGI context.
  • To better serve the growing NGI community by embracing experimentation-driven R&D efforts and stakeholders.

Let’s continue the well-established collaboration across the whole community and contribute shaping the future of NGI!

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