Take advantage of the testbeds offering Open Access

The FIRE Facility projects are building a variety of network experimentation infrastructures and tools with different characteristics. Various structures, tools and features are available for Open Access.

Open Access means that already-built and constantly-evolving FIRE testbeds are offered for use beyond the timeframe of the respective project. Some charge may be levied as a way to help towards the sustainability of the facility. Several FIRE projects have committed to continue offering Open Access to their platform (see the list below); other ongoing projects are working to bring their testbeds into the FIRE federation that can foster a long-living FIRE!

Open Access to FIRE testbeds/projects

The following FIRE projects offers access for using the FIRE testbeds:


You can easily test your software systems on any combination of resources from various wired, wireless, sensor, cellular, Openflow, cloud computing or Smart City testbeds.

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  • OneLabLogoInternet-overlaid testbeds
  • Wireless, sensing, and mobility testbeds
  • Broadband access and core testbeds
  • Network emulation environments

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