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On this page you can find the FIRE success stories which help you:

  • to understand easier what each FIRE project has already achieved; and
  • to identify which FIRE project and/or projects’ testbed could be used for your experimentation(s).

You will find the FIRE success stories below classified by project and technology.



Networking Communications / Cognitive radio



Networking Communications / Core & Wireless sensing

  • Software defined networking: The EXPRESS project, Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni (CNIT)
  • Education by experimenting online: FORGE, Students of Open University, iMinds, UPMC, University of Patras, NICTA
  • EVOLVE: D2D communications and cognitive radio systems, WINGS ICT Solutions Ltd., Greece
  • DIGGING: IOT exercises before building the system, HiKoB
  • Software defined networking: The EXPRESS project, Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni (CNIT)

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OpenLab_WebLogoNetworking Communications / Interoperability



EXPERIMEDIA has published a report that presents the results of a new multi‐disciplinary collaborative approach to product and service innovation that brings together users, technology and live events in a series of experiments conducted in real world settings. Through experimentation EXPERIMEDIA explored a broad range of technical, societal and economic challenges faced by technology providers each aiming tocreate and exploit new multimedia value chains in markets such as leisure and tourism, cultural and heritage, and sports science and training. The experiments highlight the features of multimedia systems and the future opportunities for companies, as the Internet continues to transition towards the increasingly connected world of Internet of Things and Big Data. We know that putting user values at the heart of design decisions and evaluation is the key to success, and that long term benefits to providers of technology, services and content must derive from enhanced user experience. Engaging users in real‐world settings to co‐design and assess how technology can be used is now more important than just testing how technology will be operated.

Download the EXPERIMEDIA Features and Opportunities Whitepaper Final v1.1


Cloud Services



Smart Cities / IoT

CITYSCRIPTS: Social web of Things in SmartSantander

Once a city-wide Internet-of-Things installation such as SmartSantander (the project envisions the deployment of a total 20,000 sensors in Belgrade, Guildford, Lübeck with 12,000 deployed in the city of Santander), exploiting a large variety of technologies is up and running it is important to provide tools that enable all stakeholder (and thus citizen) to perform data logging, data harvesting, stream data mining, inter-object communications, data adaptation and service orchestration including automation and actuators control.

SACCOM: Soft ACtuation over Cooperating Objects Middleware

A key challenge of SACCOM is to verify the scalability of a cooperating objects middleware, a product of the recently completed FP7 STREP project POBICOS (“Platform for Opportunistic Behavior in Incompletely Specified, Heterogeneous Object Communities”). The POBICOS platform supports the development and execution of so-called opportunistic pervasive computing applications. These (a) are developed without full knowledge of which sensor/actuator resources will be available at runtime, and (b) take the best advantage of whatever sensors and actuators happen to be available in a specific target object community. While POBICOS has been successfully deployed in a real-life smart building with several tens of nodes, further evaluation is needed, with a particular emphasis on its scalability to large installations. In fact, a successful large-scale deployment has been identified as a prerequisite to the commercial exploitation of the POBICOS platform.

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