Find the most appropriate testbed for your experimentation

On this XiPi+ webpage you can find all FIRE testing facilities/infrastructures that are accessible for any company/academy. You can access number of leading edge testing equipment and infrastructures for Federation, Data Management, Internet of Things, Smart Cities and Networking.

New RECOMMENDER -feature added to the XiPi+ testbed repository enabling Experimentation-as-a-Service (EaaS)!

In the context of the Next Generation Internet initiative (NGI), the XiPi+ testbed repository offers a new feature called Recommender for enabling Experimentation-as-a-Service (EaaS) functionality. With that, XiPi+ provides a communication bridge between experimenters and infrastructure owners in order to create an interaction workflow between the two stakeholders to cover:

  • Searching an infrastructure, and
  • Setting up an experiment.

More information in the News.

Start your NGI experimentation with a right type of testbed TODAY: click the picture below!

The source of the data about these FIRE testbeds/projects is the XiPi Repository from the FI-PPP project INFINITY.